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Making Learning Palatable during COVID-19: Learning Through Food

In anticipation of the upcoming Summer 2022 issue of Practicing Anthropology (available July 1st), we’re sharing a special contribution from Dr. Pamela Runestad and the students in her Eating Through the Pandemic course. Keep reading to learn about the class and download a PDF of their collaborative cookbook. Dr. Runestad’s article, “Making Learning Palatable during COVID-19,” will appear in the Summer 2022 issue.

As a final for Dr. Runestad’s pandemic-themed food and anthropology class, Eating Through the Pandemic, students worked collaboratively to create a cookbook by the same name. Together, students wrote an introduction and conclusion that contextualizes the recipes with regard to the course readings and COVID-19 realities.

Students who worked on the project included:

Contributors/Layout and Copy Editors: Andre Cabrera, Alton Caylor, Efrain Gonzalez, Aubrey Miller, Cameron Schadl

Contributors/Content Editors: Marissa Callender, Hannah Heutsche, Kainoa Nagao, Ashlynn Peachey, Joanna Houston

Additional Contributors: Michela Bocchine, Grace Proper, Ziting Zhang, Emma Zurowski

Dr. Runestad directed the project and provided students with the format and directions for collaboration. All content, layout, and editing was done by the students. With permission from the students, we’re providing a downloadable PDF of the Eating Through the Pandemic cookbook:

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