About Us, Welcome

Welcome to Our New Editorial Team Member!

We are excited to welcome Clara Beccaro as the newest member of Practicing Anthropology’s Editorial Team!

Clara Beccaro is PhD student in anthropology at the New School for Social Research, originally from France but currently a white settler in Manahata, Lenapehoking. Clara’s research focuses on bodily integrity and risk-taking in contemporary France, examined through the lived reality of becoming disabled and becoming transgender. Drawing from disability and transness as embodiments, Clara’s research explores the material practices and performances used to articulate individual bodily experiences at the level of the collective. Clara’s ethnographic practice is grounded in visual anthropology, multimodal engagement, and creative pedagogies. On the side, Clara is a ceramicist and a film-maker.

Practicing Anthropology’s Editorial Team is composed of social scientists involved in practical applications of scholarship in the field. The Team works with the Editor in Chief and Editorial Assistant to prioritize contributions that represent collaboration, community engagement, and decolonizing methods and practice. As an Editorial Team Member, Clara will support the journal by providing insightful feedback on journal submissions and identifying new authors and contributors for Practicing Anthropology. Welcome Clara!

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